Vocabulary [Voc]

[Voc-0] Naming convention. Use English language. Use singular instead of plural. Objects start with a capital and words are separated with underscores (e.g. Sales_agent). Linking tables may have multiple capitals (e.g. Sales_agent_Department). Columns are lowercase.

We use the following postfixes and prefixes:

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[Voc-1] Don’t reuse domain vocabulary
One best practice is not to reuse the vocabulary of our source systems. This has several reasons:
• We want to be able to (re)define concepts. Using the same vocabulary is confusing.
• Source systems may change. We want to minimize our dependency on these changes
• It’s best practice to model the domain from a business or customer perspective (top-down) instead of a source system perspective (bottom-up). Source system focus mainly on getting things done. We want to focus on real world facts.
• Exception: In Staging we use the naming of the source system (no renaming).

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